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Commercial Pilot License Training

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, commercial pilot license training programs are plentiful. When you trust your future to Delta Qualiflight, you’ll be getting the best training in the least amount of time, at the most affordable cost.

In the U.S., you can earn $100,000 per year or more working as a commercial pilot? If you go to work for a commercial airline, you have the potential to earn significantly more. If your dream job involves excitement, flexibility, generous compensation and countless opportunities for advancement, you couldn’t choose a better career path.

Over the last five decades, Delta Qualiflight Aviation Academy has trained more than 8,000 pilots from more than 100 countries. Our programs have been specially designed to allow students to complete their training and get their commercial flight certification in a significantly shorter time than other Texas commercial flight training schools.

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Commercial Pilot Requirements

With a commercial pilot’s license, you will be eligible to seek paid employment flying a plane. You can obtain commercial certification as a single-engine or a multi-engine aircraft pilot – or both. The bottom line is, if you want to be paid to fly a certain type of plane, you must be certified for that class of aircraft.

Federal pilot certification regulations establish the specific training requirements for each category. For single-engine certification, for example, you must have 250 hours of flight time. Specified portions of these hours must be spent as pilot-in-command (50 hours), cross-country flight (50 hours), solo flying, etc., in a single-engine aircraft.

Multi-engine commercial pilot certification also requires 250 hours, similarly allocated, but in a multi-engine aircraft.

To learn what specific requirements are necessary for your chosen career path, contact one of our helpful commercial pilot training enrollment specialists today.

How to Become a Commercial Pilot

The basic requirements for getting a commercial pilot’s license are as follows.

1. You must be age 18 or above,
2. You must have a current FAA medical certification, and
3. You must pass both a written and practical exam.
4. Minimum of a High School Diploma or Certificate of Graduation.

This training program is ideal whether you are already certified as a private pilot with instrument rating or you need to start training from the beginning.

How to Find the Best Commercial Flight School for You

When you find the best commercial flight training program for your needs, you set yourself on the path for success. Since 1969, students from around the globe have sought out the training programs at Delta Qualiflight Aviation Academy. We provide a unique opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else – the ability to complete all of your coursework in as little as 9 to 12 months.

We have many of the nation’s top flight instructors on our staff. Our convenient Dallas Fort Worth training facility features a state-of-the-art flight simulator, fully equipped classrooms and all the amenities you need under one roof

Contact Delta Qualiflight Aviation Academy today to learn more about our pilot training and license programs or foreign student enrollment. We look forward to helping you get started on your certification with our Dallas Fort Worth TX commercial pilot license training programs.

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