Thank you for the opportunity to show you why Delta Qualiflight Academy of Aviation deserves your consideration as the flight academy to choose for your future. There is no question that flight training requires a significant investment of time and money and I can personally assure you that by enrolling at Delta Qualiflight, you will be thoroughly prepared to pursue a career as a professional pilot.

After forty five years as an instructor pilot and as an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, I know what it takes to become a top pilot. Our goal is to always do everything that we can to ensure that each of our students successfully completes our Professional Pilot Training and to make sure your stay in our part of the world is enjoyable.

Happy Landings.

K.M. Miloud
Founder & President

A Dallas-Fort Worth Pilot School

Delta Qualiflight Academy of Flying

Few of us experience the exhilaration of actually flying an airplane. It takes training, knowledge and skill to master the art and science of flight. Those who do have a mystique about them that the rest of us can only admire. And those who attain the status of professional pilot have opportunities available to them that the rest of us can only dream about.

There are many steps to take toward becoming a professional pilot. At Delta Qualiflight you can qualify for any or all of the certifications you will need: Private Pilot's License, Commercial Pilot's License, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Rating, Flight Instructor, Instrument Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine Flight Instructor, and Airline Transport Pilot. To successfully complete and be certified in ALL of the courses in preparation for becoming a Career/Professional Pilot requires 4 to 6 months on average, depending on your prior preparation, dedication, skill level, and aptitude.

At Delta Qualiflight, your education and training is structured so that your Career/Professional Pilot program can be completed in significantly less time, and at much less cost than similar programs in schools in many other countries. In our intensive programs, you get the flying hours you need over a shorter period of time. You’ll learn more and learn it more quickly!

Delta Qualiflight was founded in 1969 by K. M. Miloud and is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Delta Qualiflight Aviation Academy

Delta Qualiflight Aviation Academy offers comprehensive flight and pilot training in Fort Worth, Texas. Whether you are considering private pilot flight lessons or you seek to obtain a commercial pilot’s license, you won’t find a better aviation school in Dallas, Fort Worth or any of the surrounding areas in Texas.

Since our inception in 1969, we have provided the highest quality pilot training at the lowest possible price. Our programs are highly streamlined, designed to get you your flight certification as quickly and affordably as possible, without sacrificing quality.

We are part 141 and part 61, so we are approved to teach students from all over the world.

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Private Pilot

Private Pilot

An FAA Private Pilot License requires training that covers all of the theoretical and practical knowledge to operate the airplane safely and authorizes the holder of the license to act as Pilot in Command of a civil aircraft. In other words, you are now cleared to be in charge of the airplane and can now pursue the Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Licenses. At Delta Qualiflight you will train on the single engine Piper Warrior II for the Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land course.

Ground Instructor

Instrument Rating

An FAA Instrument Rating gives the holder of a Private or Commercial License the additional privilege of flying IFR (Instrument Flight Rules). An instrument rated pilot can fly purely by reference to the flight instruments in situations where navigation by line of sight is not possible. This means you can fly in the clouds as an instrument rated pilot, giving you a great deal more freedom to fly in conditions that would keep a non-instrument pilot on the ground.

Commercial Pilot Icon

Commercial Pilot

An FAA Commercial Pilot License allows the holder to fly for compensation or hire. In other words, you can seek employment and get paid to fly with a Commercial License. Both the multi-engine and single engine commercial pilot courses are offered at Delta Qualiflight. For the Commercial training you will fly the single engine Warrior II and multi-engine Seneca.

Flight Instructor

Flight Instructor

An FAA Flight Instructor License allows the holder to teach pilots how to fly. As an instructor you pass on what you have learned to others and gain valuable experience in the process. To become a flight instructor you must first have a Commercial Pilot License and as a commercial pilot you will already know the theoretical and practical aspects of flying airplanes, so the focus of instructor training is developing the ability to effectively teach others. Through teaching you can attain a much deeper knowledge of the material and so the more your students learn the more you will learn as well. Certified Flight Instructor courses for Airplane Single Engine Land, Multi-Engine land and Instrument are offered.

Airline Transport Pilot

Airline Transport Pilot

An FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP) is the highest of all licenses and the start of reaching the apex o the profession. It allows the holder to act as Pilot in Command of an airline aircraft, meaning you can be the Captain with your ATP License. Both single engine and multi-engine ATP courses are offered.

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return.

— Leonardo da Vinci —

Testimonials From Students

  • My uncle graduated from Delta Qualiflight in 1971 and it was always a career path I wanted to pursue. I did 6 and a half years in the military and really wanted to change my career path. I would definitely recommend this school to anybody considering a career in flying – this is definitely where you want to start.

    — Brian from Texas —
  • They have the best airplanes, best training, best instructors and best management I’ve ever seen. Please come and join us to pursue your dream.

    — In Song Yoo from South Korea —
  • I have a lot of friends and knew many captains that came to this school. Delta Qualiflight has a good reputation so that’s why I chose to come here.

    — Richard from the Democratic Republic of the Congo —
  • This is a very open-minded environment for aviation training so I would recommend Delta Qualiflight to all female pilots.

    — Jooyee from Korea —
  • There is a lot of experience here at Delta Qualiflight. It’s a good environment for learning.

    — Yasser from Yemen —
  • This is a very friendly atmosphere that’s great for the instructors and the students. It’s easy to get oriented to the multi-cultural environment here.

    — Daniel from Texas —
  • We really feel like we have a family here at Delta Qualiflight, especially since we are so far from our home countries.

    — Marc from Lebanon —
  • My father graduated from Delta Qualiflight and I hope my son does too.

    — Ahmed from Yemen —
  • Comparing this school with others around, Delta Qualiflight is the best.

    — Martin from Kenya —
  • The school makes me feel at home. It’s a very good school for pilot training.

    — Musa from Nigeria —
  • Texas is an awesome state. Very safe with lots of things to do and enjoy.

    — Abdul Wahab from Saudi Arabia —
  • My father graduated from Delta Qualiflight in the 90s and was the one that motivated me to come here.

    — Student from Nepal —
  • Delta Qualiflight came recommended to me as one of the best flight schools in America. I definitely recommend this school to everyone, especially to female pilots. This school is amazing with excellent training and support for everyone.

    — Sarah from Yemen —
  • I was referred to Delta Qualiflight by my cousin who has been in aviation for years. He knew this would be the right place for me. The training here is very well structured.

    — Dinos from Cyprus —


or Toll Free at 888-919-5909 or 888-919-5910

151 Meacham Airport, Building 4 North

Fort Worth TX 76106

He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying..

— Friedrich Nietzche —


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