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Becoming a Pilot

Many prospective pilots believe that the process for getting certified is time-consuming and expensive. The truth is that learning to fly a plane is neither – as long as you choose the right flight academy.

You can start your private pilot lessons at the age of 17. Commercial certification requires that you be 18 or older and have graduated high school. You must be able to do basic math calculations and be fluent in English (speaking, reading and writing). You must be eligible for an FAA medical certification.

The amount of classroom hours you need depends on the type of license you seek, as does the number of flight hours you must log to obtain the certifications. With our experienced team of flight instructors and safety experts, you will breeze through your requirements in no time.

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Private Pilot License Programs

If you want to fly for fun, adventure or travel, a private pilot license is the ticket for you. You can carry passengers and fly any type of aircraft that falls under your category of certification.

Besides private pilot training, you can also get your instrument rating at Delta Qualiflight Aviation Academy, allowing you to fly even when the weather is bad or visibility is poor.

Commercial Pilot License Programs

Our commercial pilot program allows you to take your skills to the next level and earn a living flying planes. Our intensive training allows you to complete all your training from zero experience to commercial pilot in as little as 12 months!

We also offer flight instructor, instrument flight instructor, multi-engine flight instructor and airline transport pilot ratings.

Professional Pilot Training in Dallas Fort Worth

Whether you have no training or experience or you have already obtained some level of certification or ratings, our flexible programs are ideal for you. Let us give you the knowledge, skill and experience you need to make your dreams of flight come true.

Before you do an internet search for “Flight school near me,” only to find that other programs take too long or cost too much, contact one of our experienced team members today. Once you learn more about Delta Qualiflight Aviation Academy, we are confident that you will see why we are ranked among the best aviation schools in Texas and around the world.

Private Pilot License Training in Dallas/Fort Worth

If you are looking for private pilot training in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, check out all that Delta Qualiflight Aviation Academy has to offer.

Your dream of taking flight behind the controls of an aircraft can become a reality in only a few short months. Our experienced team consists of some of the finest flight instructors in the world. Our meticulously maintained aircraft and expansive training facility set the backdrop for your journey, all in one convenient location.

Not only do we provide industry-leading training for our students, but our costs are significantly more affordable than many other programs.

Private Pilot License Requirements

To begin your private pilot training, you must be age 17 or older. You must speak, read and write English fluently and have the ability to do basic math. You must also qualify to receive an FAA medical clearance.

You must complete classroom training and log the required number of flight training hours for your desired certification, including cross-country and solo flight time. Finally, you must successfully pass a written exam and flight test.

If you wish to obtain an instrument rating, multi-engine aircraft rating, etc., you will be required to log additional hours accordingly. You can read more about the specific requirements of each certification and rating in the federal flight regulations, or you can contact us to get the information you need right now.

Flight Training Options

A private pilot license allows you to fly for any non-commercial or non-compensated purpose. You can carry passengers also with this certification. You will be limited to flying only in weather conditions that offer sufficient visibility, unless you add an instrument rating to your license.

When you choose Delta Qualiflight for your training, the time required to become certified as a private pilot is up to you. With enough commitment and determination, you could be certified in a matter of weeks. If you can only fit flight lessons in part-time, it might take a little longer.

Choosing the Best Private Pilot School for You

Delta Qualiflight Aviation has over a half-century of pilot training experience.

We are recognized as an industry leader, providing maximum value for our students. You can enroll either as a domestic or a foreign (international) student as we are approved through the Student Exchange Visitor Program to accept and train international students.

You will complete your training at our Fort Worth Meacham Airport headquarters and training facility, where we have state-of-the-art flight simulators, comfortable classrooms and fully appointed aircraft in which to log your hours.

If you are ready to take the first step toward making your private pilot dreams come true, contact Delta Qualiflight today.

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