Testimonials From Students

  • My uncle graduated from Delta Qualiflight in 1971 and it was always a career path I wanted to pursue. I did 6 and a half years in the military and really wanted to change my career path. I would definitely recommend this school to anybody considering a career in flying – this is definitely where you want to start.

    — Brian from Texas —
  • They have the best airplanes, best training, best instructors and best management I’ve ever seen. Please come and join us to pursue your dream.

    — In Song Yoo from South Korea —
  • I have a lot of friends and knew many captains that came to this school. Delta Qualiflight has a good reputation so that’s why I chose to come here.

    — Richard from the Democratic Republic of the Congo —
  • This is a very open-minded environment for aviation training so I would recommend Delta Qualiflight to all female pilots.

    — Jooyee from Korea —
  • There is a lot of experience here at Delta Qualiflight. It’s a good environment for learning.

    — Yasser from Yemen —
  • This is a very friendly atmosphere that’s great for the instructors and the students. It’s easy to get oriented to the multi-cultural environment here.

    — Daniel from Texas —
  • We really feel like we have a family here at Delta Qualiflight, especially since we are so far from our home countries.

    — Marc from Lebanon —
  • My father graduated from Delta Qualiflight and I hope my son does too.

    — Ahmed from Yemen —
  • Comparing this school with others around, Delta Qualiflight is the best.

    — Martin from Kenya —
  • The school makes me feel at home. It’s a very good school for pilot training.

    — Musa from Nigeria —
  • Texas is an awesome state. Very safe with lots of things to do and enjoy.

    — Abdul Wahab from Saudi Arabia —
  • My father graduated from Delta Qualiflight in the 90s and was the one that motivated me to come here.

    — Student from Nepal —
  • Delta Qualiflight came recommended to me as one of the best flight schools in America. I definitely recommend this school to everyone, especially to female pilots. This school is amazing with excellent training and support for everyone.

    — Sarah from Yemen —
  • I was referred to Delta Qualiflight by my cousin who has been in aviation for years. He knew this would be the right place for me. The training here is very well structured.

    — Dinos from Cyprus —
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